St Mawes  Tuesday lunchtime

12 noon - 1pm (open by request)
Church Rooms, Church of England,

Church Hill, TR2 5DP

Re - opening    Tuesday 1st December

Ring Pip to let her know you are coming please: 01326 270820      07980 077 241


Sir John Betjamin Centre

Southern Way

Wadebridge  PL27 7BX

Meeting now open plus the zoom meeting

Live meeting back to normal - plus zoom

The Penryn Tuesday meeting is  re-opening next Tuesday (1st September)

Can you also note it will be in the big room at the  back and the following social distancing rules must be observed.


  1. Hand sanitiser must be used.

  2. Masks or other face coverings must be worn.

  3. Keep at least 1m apart.

We are going to try and keep the zoom meeting to include people who cant attend in person.


Newquay Friday 7.30pm - 9pm.
St Michael The Archaengel Church Hall
St Michael's Rd
Covid Government Guidelines to be followed.
Government rules of 15 people max per meeting
Please keep the 2 metre distance guideline outside of the venue.
Please do not park in the church carpark. There is a carpark opposite and some parking along the road.

Truro Tuesday 7-8pm. 

Held at Malpas Community centre,  Polruan Rd, Truro  TR1 1QR

‘if you would like to enquire about the meeting and possibility of attending  the

face to face meeting please contact this   email:  Max 15 persons

For zoom see "zoom meeting" list.


The Saturday, Monday ,Tuesday and Thursday (NEW) night Camborne meetings  7:30-9.00pm

Attendance at the Camborne Monday and Tuesday night meetings will now, until such time that the government Coronavirus restrictions are changed, require registering of attendance in advance with the group secretary (Greg).  In addition, attendance at the meeting will be capped at 15 people.  Individuals attending their very first A.A. meeting will not be required to register attendance in advance and, in the event of the capacity of 15 being reached and newcomers arriving at the meeting, group members would be willing to forego their physical attendance to allow the newcomers to be able physically attend their first meeting whilst observing the meeting capacity of 15 people.

Individuals who would like to attend  Tuesday should phone Caroline  07900 862 711   Monday     Tom  07568 456 863       Thursday Andrew 07479 004 980       Saturday  Neil  07955 715 522

Should the meeting reach the capacity of 15, anybody who is unable to attend due to the capacity limit will automatically be given priority for the next meeting.

new, temporary address is:  Temperance Hall, Lower Market Street, Penryn, TR10 8BH.