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Newquay Sunday

Newquay Sunday.jpg

Sunday Newquay Group 12.00 - 1.30pm

Big Book Study Group.

A Closed meeting, may be opened on request.

Held at the back of our local hospital, an easy walk from Newquay centre.  Level access for the disabled.


The meeting attendance can vary from a dozen to 2 dozen!  Averaging 19 lately. We are a mixed bunch of varying ages and sobriety time, from day zero to over 25 years. As many women as men.


The group read a different Big Book chapter each week, by individuals partially reading (or not) then"passing it on".

Meeting then opens for general sharing, breaking half way through to get coffee, ciggy & chats.

Literature available for purchase plus free Welcome pack and Share magazines for newcomers.

A very solid supportive membership and a friendly welcome to all.

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