How to avoid Zoom bombing

    Waiting Room is enabled by Zoom from now on.

When the host looks at the screen of participants, above will be those waiting to enter.

Just click on the box to let them in.


  When you lock a Zoom Meeting that’s already started, no new participants can join, even if they have the meeting ID and password (if you have required one). In the meeting, click Participants at the bottom of your Zoom window. In the Participants pop-up, click the button that says Lock Meeting.

 Remove unwanted or disruptive participants: From the Participants menu, you can mouse over a participant’s name, and several options will appear, including Remove. Click that to kick someone out of the meeting.

Inviting someone to join a meeting

Use when someone is having difficulty getting in the meeting.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom Desktop Client.

  2. Start or join a meeting.

  3. Click Manage Participants (if you're the host) or Participants in the meeting controls.

  4. Click Invite at the bottom of the participants panel.

  5. Choose on the following invite options:


  1. Click the Invite by Email tab.    Select an email provider


  1. Click the Invite by Contacts tab.

  2. Select their name from the window, or search for a contact.

  3. Click on the individual you would like to invite. You can select multiple contacts. Once you do this, their name(s) will have a check mark next to it and they will appear in the list at the top of the window.

  4. Click Invite in the lower right corner. 

  5. Select contacts and click Invite.

Al Anon in Cornwall

Truro group has set up a WhatsApp meeting especially for newcomers.
Prospective people may be directed to Fiona on 07525 755063 or to myself, Isobel on 01209 710493.

How to set up Zoom Meetings


see individual instructions

Camelford Sunday Meeting 7.30-9pm Webex meeting no: 163 384 4571 Password: serenity

Bodmin Monday lunchtime daily reflections

12.30-1.30 is a zoom meeting.Please contact Terry 07810796942 or Gill 01726 813465 for I.D. and password.

Liskeard Monday Big Book Study
7.30pm-9.00pm is a zoom meeting.

 I.D. 707 788 737.  Password: 047397

PENRYN TUESDAY 7.30-9.30PM WHATSAPP GROUP: Phone Sam for details: 07400 868 928

Liskeard Tuesday Evening

7.30pm-9.00pm is a zoom meeting.

I.D. 507 150 373 Password:037056

Saltash Irregulars Wednesday Evening
7.30pm-9.00pm is a zoom meeting. Please contact Raymond on 07421 709631 or Tag on 07941 012071 for I.D. and password.

Wadebridge WednesdayLunchtime - As Bill Sees It

12pm - 1pm (open on request)  Access from 11.40am Zoom meeting,

Call or text 07553 954 823 for the MEETING CODE and PASSWORD 

When joining the meeting  choose ‘Call Using Internet Audio’ otherwise you won’t be heard in the meeting.Mute microphone when not speaking

Redruth Wednesday (Closed; Open on request) 7.30p.m.-9.00p.m.     (zoom meeting) Room ‘open’ at 7.00, MEETING STARTS AT 7.30 Please send contact link to: well in advance to request meeting ID & password/ Cornwall members can also contact local members for info/ Newcomers can access via Helpline

Launceston Thursday Evening
7.30pm-9.00pm is a zoom meeting. Please contact Raymond on 07421 709631 or Tag on 07941 012071 for I.D. and password.

Truro Thursday Lunchtime Meeting
12.30pm-2.00pm is a zoom meeting. Please contact Gill on 01726 813465for I.D. and password.

This is a Skype Meeting - click on box above.

Bude Friday Step & Tradition 6-7pm Webex meeting no: 163 172 9771 Password: herbert

Liskeard Friday Daily Reflections
6.00pm-7.30pm is a zoom meeting.

I.D. 270 273 194.  Password: 072615

Friday Wadebridge  7.30pm

Zoom meeting phone for details:

Callington Friday You Have A Choice
7.30pm-9.00pm is a zoom meeting. Please contact Raymond on

07421 709631 or Tag on 07941 012071 for I.D. and password.

Womens Group Truro - Saturday 2.00-3.30pm

 Zoom - please download the app on the device you will be joining us on 

Please message or call Sarah 07724640548 for the link to the meeting and to be included on a closed WhatsApp group of attendees 

Newcomers welcome - it is a  closed group in that it is restricted to alcoholics and those that have a desire to stop drinking

Saturday Camborne 7.30pm - 9.00pm zoom meeting

Experience Strength & Hope - bring your own candles

  Contact Greg 07914 658 693 or Mark 07852 778 901     or   for codes to access the meeting

Liskeard Saturday Evening  7.30pm-9.00pm is a zoom meeting.

I.D. 770 648 600.  Password: 021541

Redruth SUNDAY (Open) 7.30p.m.- 9.00p.m. (zoom meeting)

Room 'open' @7.00p.m.  MEETING STARTS 7.30pm

Please send contact link to 

well in advance to request meeting ID & password to access the meeting.

Liskeard Sunday Evening  7.30pm-9.00pm is a zoom meeting.

           I.D. 896 399 1987.  No password.

Cornwall AA are following the experience of London AA and setting up virtual meetings on Zoom. See the link below for their tips

In the light of recent developments, online meetings are being created via ZOOM for various Cornwall based Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, (any AA member outside of Cornwall is welcome to join). Our primary purpose is to carry the message of recovery using modern technology as physical meeting places become unavailable or unsafe due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Setting up a virtual zoom meeting

If you want to set up a new virtual meeting, or are simply moving a preexisting physical (Cornwall) meeting across to an online format & wish to have it listed on this site so others can access it, please email Jo who will be happy to list it on this site (email to), specifying the following information:

  • Time of the meeting

  • Format of the meeting

  • Relevant ZOOM meeting link which will be added to the below schedule

  • If you need support in setting up a ZOOM meeting, please specify in your email (and detail a contact number) and we will seek to help you with this

Online meeting schedule below

All meetings listed below are detailed in UK local time (GMT)






Cornwall ONLINE Meeting Schedule

(click on meeting hour to open zoom link):

We are new to this, so please be patient and tolerant if things don't go according to plan! Please click on the meeting link below- you can do this at any time to get ready and set up before the meeting, then simply come back 15 minutes before the meeting time to check that everything is working OK :).

Some members have found that it helps to download the Zoom app first, before clicking on the link although others have been led through the process just by clicking on the link below. This link should work for both computers and phones.






AA Preamble
How it Works
12 Traditions
A Vision For You
AA Daily Reflection




ZOOM is a video conferencing service that allows us to hear and see each other, bringing us closer to having a genuine face-to-face meeting. Unfortunately, there can be a bit of a learning curve to using it the first time. Remember:

  1. Click or tap any link above in the schedule to join any one of the AM or PM ZOOM meetings

  2. If you don’t have the zoom app on your phone or your computer you’ll be asked to download it

  3. Tap the meeting link to join

  4. Click or Tap “Join with Video” or “Join Without Video” depending on your preference

  5. Click or Tap “Call using Internet Audio” **VERY IMPORTANT** (otherwise we won’t be able to hear you  )

  6. You’re in! You can mute yourself by tapping the screen, or moving your mouse over the video to see the menu, and tapping the microphone icon that looks like this:






Suggestions for Participants in Virtual Meetings:

  • Suggestion guide for video/phone good meeting practices

  • Everyone should mute their phone unless they want to share, or want to interject a laugh or other non disruptive sound

  • If two people try to share at the same time, the secretary can break the tie if needed.

  • 7th Tradition:   Each group is responsible to manage this with their secretary

Alcoholics Anonymous in Cornwall

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